the photographer

thomas scotch

I like the process of photography. I like the adventure and I like meeting new people and together figuring out how to tell a story. Please take a look at my work and story and send me a message if you would like to work together.

my approach


The camera above I made to be part of my Halloween costume. I was a steampunk plague doctor photographer (which probably makes no sense, but was pretty cool). We all have stories to tell. Let's tell some.

my promise


Hiring a photographer does not need to be difficult or intimidating. It all starts with a conversation and develops through clear and effective communication. From start to finish, my sole intention as your photographer is to provide a positive and rewarding experience.


“Best photographer ever! I’ve been modeling for about 9 years and Thomas Scotch is, by far, one of my favorite photographers to work with. Thomas is dedicated, passionate, creative and minimalist. He doesn’t need a bunch of fancy props, equipment or photoshop tricks to capture the true essence of a person. Even during the times I’m not feeling like myself, his images always make me feel beautiful just being me.”

—Marie Casey

“I'm a burlesque dancer and a drag king. I can honestly say that there isn't a single photo that Thomas Scotch has taken of me that isn't flawless and promo worthy. Not only is he great at catching good angles (performers, we all know how important that is) but he somehow magically catches the all the emotions I project when I dance. I don't know how he does it. You honestly cannot put a price on Thomas's work.”

—Liza M'Shelly